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A pioneer agricultural community PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dick Slagle   
Friday, 28 November 2014 18:35

Sometimes a significant event in the life of a community can gradually disappear from memory until it is lost from the historical record. Such was the case of this huge, abandoned dairy barn which was standing at the upper end of Eureka Gulch about 300 yards east of the Knob Hill mill. In 1948, I had taken a photograph of it because it was an interesting old structure. At that time, most people had no knowledge of the barn’s background, although a few old timers may have remembered.


The Curlew Lake Ski Hill: Inventive couple provided winter recreation for over 15 years PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bill Chamberlin   
Friday, 28 November 2014 18:33

In 1962, Royal and Lavone Kellogg purchased a hilly parcel of property on Wolf Camp Road, just east of Curlew Lake. Being community-minded people and wanting to give local kids something to do in the winter, they decided to build a ski area. What the Kelloggs lacked in skiing background, they made up for in their enterprising spirit. They chose a north-facing slope, cleared it of trees, acquired a used rope tow from a community ski area in Colville, and built a small building at the bottom to house a snack bar and ski rental shop. The Curlew Lake Ski Hill was born.


Ranald MacDonald: A life of adventure and influence within three nations PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mary S. Warring and Jan Hartford   
Friday, 28 November 2014 18:30

Ranald MacDonald—whose final resting place is in north Ferry County—bears a personal history forged in the turmoil resulting from 19th century international colonial ambitions. In a global race for land, trade and natural resources the major powers competed for economic and political control around the Pacific Rim by developing naval strength along with strategically located land bases.

On February 3, 1824, Ranald was born at Fort George, a Hudson’s Bay Company “Factory” located near the mouth of the Columbia River. His mother Koale’ Zoa was the daughter of influential Chief Comcomly who with his people resided nearby. Archibald McDonald, Ranald’s father, was a recently hired Hudson’s Bay clerk who was sent to the Pacific Northwest to document acquired assets purchased from J. J. Astor’s fur trading empire, the Pacific Fur Company. Koale’ Zoa died a few months after Ranald’s birth. The infant son lived briefly with his Native American family until Archy remarried. Archy’s new wife, Jane Klyne, was the daughter of his friend Michel Klyne, a highly regarded HBC postmaster near Jasper House in the Canadian Rockies.

The delectable reindeer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jennifer Orchard   
Friday, 28 November 2014 18:31

The reindeer, Rangifer tarandus, is an admirable little beast.

Cold hardy, with a charming appearance, reindeer make cute exotic pets or eminently practical cold climate livestock.

Docile and affectionate—except during the mating season, when they may try to kill you— the usually gentle reindeer can be trained to pull a cart or sled, or even lone skier. Racing on skis while being pulled at great speed by one or two reindeer has long been a popular sport in Russia and Scandinavia, and can be quite an exhilarating challenge if you're adventurous—and well-coordinated!

Reindeer are famous for their beautiful antlers which are shed each year, providing splendid material for knife hilts and decorative carving; reindeer furs are even more useful!

A senior center for Republic PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nancy Morris   
Friday, 28 November 2014 18:26

Since the days of the former “Golden Age Club,” Republic’s senior citizens have not have a place to call their own. The building they formerly occupied has since been renovated and turned into the local police department.

However, seniors learned recently the Redeemer Episcopal Church at the end of main street has agreed to let them use the basement of the church on weekdays for senior events. Minor renovations are underway. Henry Young and Art Morris have done a fresh paint job on the walls and improved the bathroom to make it more senior-friendly. Cherie Gorton of Rural Resources announced her classes on diabetes and chronic pain management will be held there later this winter. The basement entrance is very accessible and can accommodate wheelchairs or walkers, with a handicapped parking space in front.

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