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An airplane comes to Republic PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dick Slagle   
Wednesday, 08 April 2015 19:15

We know some of the significant dates in the history of Ferry County such as the first discovery of gold (1896), the first railroad (1902) and the first automobile (about 1910). But we do not have a definite date for the arrival of the first airplane. Possibly, it could have been July, 1923 when a barnstorming pilot flew over the town of Republic looking for a place to land and to sell rides in his Curtiss Jenny, a World War I fighter plane. The place he found was a sloping field being farmed by Dave Robertson near the Ferry County Courthouse. Today, the upper end of this field is used by the hospital facility, and the Forest Service compound sits on the south end.


Cleaning up Curlew Lake PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brenda Starkey   
Wednesday, 08 April 2015 19:13

The Ferry County Weed Board has applied to the Washington State Department of Ecology for a permit to treat less than 250 acres in Curlew Lake with chemicals that would help control aquatic plants and algae.

The application also mentions areas in the Kettle and San Poil rivers, but Ferry County Noxious Weed Board Coordinator Rochelle Osborne said those bodies are only mentioned in case grant funds become available to treat some spots in those rivers.

One train of thought in the community is that there are mechanical means that could control the weeds, and they should be exhausted before using chemicals, but those in favor of the treatment feel herbicides are the best way to clean up the lake.

Choosing and caring for bulbs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sara Sly   
Wednesday, 08 April 2015 19:10

When purchasing bulbs, look for large, firm, heavy ones with outer scales that do not have bruises. Dried or shrunken bulbs are not healthy and will not grow well. Bulbs should be stored in a dry, dark place below 50 degrees in a paper bag, wire basket or something else that breathes. Plastic bags will collect moisture and cause mold. Summer and fall blooming flowers such as fall crocus are planted in early spring before the daytime temperature gets above 70 degrees. The soil should be moist and crumbly so water a few days before planting if it is too dry. Bulbs need a loose, well-drained soil which can be achieved by adding organic matter. They prefer full to part sun and do well under deciduous trees or shrubs.

Summer activities are around the bend: Warm weather fun is ready to come out and play PDF Print E-mail
Written by Baron Zahuranec   
Wednesday, 08 April 2015 19:11

The great thing about living in a place as rural as Ferry County is that there are nearly endless options for outdoor fun. Any month of the year you can have any number of activities to get you off the couch and into the woods. I know there is a contingent of cross-country skiers who are sad to see the snow vacate the groomed trails of the Kettle Range, but that just means it’s time to dust off the water skis and get ready for Curlew Lake.


The pet cephalopod PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jennifer Orchard   
Wednesday, 08 April 2015 19:09

What has three hearts and is covered in chromatophores?

If you answered "A cephalopod mollusk of the order octopodae" you deserve a golden star!

Among the most fascinating creatures that can be kept in the home aquarium, the diminutive, brilliant, but tragically short-lived octopus, with its branchial and systemic hearts and ability to change color and even texture thanks to a complex network of pigmentary and reflective skin cells, has gained a devoted following in the world of cephalopod enthusiasts!


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