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Music in the School PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dick Slagle   
Monday, 29 December 2014 20:35

This photograph of the Republic High School orchestra was taken in 1927. In that year, Calvin Coolidge was president, Charles Lindberg had made the first solo flight across the North Atlantic to France, and radios were just coming into use. In Ferry County and the country, cars were becoming more common, and “bootlegging” of alcohol had arrived along with prohibition. It was the era of the Jazz Age, flappers, and silent movies. Just a decade earlier, if you wanted music, you had to make it yourself. At the school in 1927, however, despite the new availability of music with radio and gramophones, the town tradition of musicians and live performances continued.


Rail trail ski day grows annually PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bill Chamberlin   
Monday, 29 December 2014 20:33

Saturday, Jan. 10 marks the 5th Annual Ferry County Rail Trail Ski Day. Since the first ski day took place in January of 2011, hundreds of Ferry County residents and visitors have participated in this yearly event.

Ski Day has offered a chance to explore the rail trail, meet new and old friends, and enjoy trying out ski and snowshoe gear. Again this year, there will be free lessons for all skill levels provided by local ski designer Nils Larsen and instructors from Spokane Parks and Recreation. There will be an opportunity to test Larsen’s revolutionary Hok skis as well as traditional cross-country ski equipment. Snowshoes of all sizes will be available for kids and adults.

Equine health: Winter water supply PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melinda Thomas   
Monday, 29 December 2014 20:28

The cold winter months can be challenging for many horse owners due to the extreme cold temperatures, slick footing from the snow and making sure your equine friend is kept in good health.

Making sure your horse is drinking enough water is very important to its health. This is the time of year where colic and digestive upsets can be at their peak. The main reason for colic in the winter is due to impaction from feed due to your horse not drinking enough water. Horses are like people, and they do not like to drink cold water when it is cold outside. And many horses, like people, are sensitive to ice-cold water.

Mind your Ps and Ks, part two PDF Print E-mail
Written by Twinflower Wilkie   
Monday, 29 December 2014 20:30

The three primary soil nutrients—nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium—are those that plants need in the greatest amounts. Plant use depletes them from the soil more quickly than other nutrients. When in balance, in adequate but not excessive supply, they enhance each other’s effectiveness. Organic soil amendments, which break down slowly, should be applied a few weeks before planting so the nutrients are available to the plants at the early growth stage. No fertilizer should be applied too early (like the fall before planting) because that would give time for it to get leached out of the soil because there are no plant roots taking it up from the soil.

Fishing isn’t only for the pleasant months PDF Print E-mail
Written by Baron Zahuranec   
Monday, 29 December 2014 20:20

Fishing isn't usually the first thing on the mind coming off the holiday season. January highs in the single digits aren't very inviting to humans, let alone ones who are looking to get onto the water or ice to try and trick a fish into biting. With some proper preparation, though, you can at least attempt to have a good time and won’t need Ferry County Search and Rescue to mount an expedition to find your frozen body in the middle of your favorite pond.

Dress in layers

First and foremost on my winter fishing tips is to do everything possible to stay warm. If you’re cold and shivering you won’t get the most out of an afternoon outdoors. It’ll just be miserable. You might not be able to replicate the warmth of the living room fireplace, but with the right layers of clothing you at least won’t be a frozen lump walking back to the truck.



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