Dennis Wuerth


My name is Dennis Wuerth and I ask you to please vote for me as the most qualified candidate for County Commissioner, District 1. I am a ‘WRITE-IN’ candidate, so I won’t appear on the ballot.
My objectives I’d like you to review: 1. Ensure adequate financial reserves for future contingencies; 2. Sustain our county’s natural resource economy; 3. Encourage the visitor bureau to bring in tourism and recreation; 4. Encourage the Public Development Authority to bring in jobs and light industry; 5. Finalize the GMA Opt-Out; and 6. Encourage Healthy Ferry County Committee, and focus on keeping our youth off drugs and alcohol.
My educational background: 1. Associates – Business; 2. Bachelors – Business Administration; 3. Masters – Management, Public Administration. I achieved my degrees while working full time in the Army, married, having two toddlers, and going to school in the evenings and Saturdays.
I fully support a non-motorized Rail Trail for recreational use. I will work with the ATV association in an attempt to broaden the number of motorized trails in the Kettle Range and Okanagan Highlands. I will also work with them to gain access to the east side of the Rail Trail; however I will not support any proposal that jeopardizes grants for the Rail Trail, Safe Routes to Schools, or bicycle/pedestrian safety.
I believe our Lord gave us the forest to responsibly enjoy and use as a resource. I support the Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition and after discussions with conservationists and local loggers I completely agree the forest can be logged at 800,000,000 board feet annually. This additional logging will put more of our local loggers to work in the forest, improve the county economy, and provide a safer forest. I also support additional grazing to remove brush, and prescribed burns, along with increased logging to help make a healthier, safer forest.
For more information please refer to for additional thoughts.

Johnna Exner


Hello, my name is Johnna Exner, I am running for commissioner in District #1. My husband and I have been ranching in Ferry County since 1976. We have three children and three grandchildren.
I have been active in the county by serving on the planning commission, natural resource board, Board of Equalization, Accessible Voters committee, and as a board member of Eureka Thrift and the Eagle Cliff Grange.
Working with the planning commission I recently helped to update our comprehensive plan and to streamline the shoreline management act to be specific to Ferry County. In 2012 I helped draft and establish “The Code of the West,” a resolution the covers “a few things to consider when moving to rural areas in Ferry County.” Also in 2012 I helped update the Right to Farm, Ranch and Practice Forestry, an ordinance designed to help property owners and potential purchasers to better understand the impact of living near agricultural, ranching and forestry operations. Both documents are available on the Ferry County website.
The board of commissioners is a legislative body whose powers are found in RCW 36.32.120 and RCW 36.40.100. I will work with the other commissioners and dedicate myself to executing these responsibilities along with addressing citizens concerns.
While our traditional industries are agriculture, mining and forest products, I realize that we need to expand our economic horizons. As commissioner I look forward to exploring opportunities for economic growth in established business as well as ideas for new business and tourism. I will responsibly manage my duties of office, with an additional focus on – Preserving our lifestyle – Protecting our property and constitutional rights – While respecting our customs and cultures and good stewardship without intervention.
I appreciate the ideas and comments I’ve already received while out meeting people in the district. Please feel free to contact me at or 509-863-4990 or 779-4375.

Lorna Johnson


I am interested in serving the people of Ferry County as commissioner. I have been a property owner and active in the community for the last 41 years and my heart is in Ferry County. It has been my continuing desire to be of service to the community and to help others. Currently, I serve as chair of three county advisory boards, I am a member of six other boards and a driver for Volunteer Chore Services. My involvement in the county gives me a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience about issues that affect the people who live and work here.
I am conservative and believe in the good stewardship of the land and the protection of private property rights. My focus is to continue to protect the rights of the people, to support our resource and recreation based economy and work to strengthen our local government and keep it fiscally sound. I realize that the job as a commissioner entails a full time commitment and I am willing to take on the challenges of the office and to serve the people in a clear and decisive manner. I will use common sense when handling county issues and will make the hard decisions in a timely manner.
If anyone has further questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 509-990-8968. I wish to thank all of you out there who have given me your support and encouragement, it is deeply appreciated.

Richard Wilkie


“Who do you think you are?”
I’ve been asking myself that since becoming a candidate for county commissioner. My answer: a citizen.
The weeks since then have demonstrated what a source of pride that is. Forums with fellow office seekers and discussions with friends and neighbors have given shape to my idea of what’s needed to do the job. Attitude and approach are essential. Commissioners are obliged to set aside personal views, and deliberate and act in the interest of the county: to be public citizens and not private ones.
That is a tall order. Needs and issues will come and go; they will change with time and circumstance; care must be taken to ensure that they are handled fairly.
In my job as a tree thinner (something I think we could use a lot more of), the approach was to stand back and look at the stand of timber as a whole; pick out the tallest, healthiest specimens, then figure out how to remove the others safely.
Thickets can be complex and nasty places: leaners and hang-ups abound, footing can be a problem, saws get dull and break down. At times the chips that are flying turn out to be angry yellowjackets.
The challenge is to see what’s next as clearly as possible. Be prepared, and take it step by step, always bearing in mind that plans and reality are very often two different things.
I’ve an idea that commissionering and thinning are pretty similar, especially the nasty thickets and angry yellowjackets part. Folks of all kinds live here because they see what a special place this is. Pursuit of happiness, anyone? I’m willing to be a public citizen.
Please VOTE.

Teresa Jenkins

No party preference

A commissioner has to represent the will and best interests of the citizens of Ferry County, which in some instances is going to be contrary to the will and best interests of said commissioner. It’s also important to remember that this is a job. It’s not a volunteer position. It’s work and needs to be treated as such.
Whether it was babysitting or tutoring the neighbor at math, I’ve been working since I was 13. I have a degree in Marketing Management and have been involved extensively in the real estate/financial services field. I know about property rights and issues. I know about Growth Management issues. I’ve dealt with Critical Areas Ordinances. I’ve held professional licenses since 2000. I’ve been a business owner since 2008. I have also been a volunteer elementary teacher amidst all this. My current business, Vulcan Mountain Farm, employs about 20 people and I’m proud that we are pioneers in a legal industry that is able to give people a worthy job so close to home. I have three children and want to provide a solid future for them. I would like my two young boys to stay in the area when they grow up and I want them to have options. Whether elected or not, I will do what I can to make that happen.
We need accountability and transparency in our county government. We can’t call our budget balanced when we have to appropriate from the road fund to do so. With our resource-based economy in decline we need solid options to help the county flourish. We need to broaden our tourism opportunities and utilize new market tax credits to lead Ferry County into the future. We need to encourage small, cottage industries. They need infrastructure and forward thinking in our county government to survive and thrive. There are any number of other issues that Ferry County would like to see addressed—Rail Trail, wilderness, GMA, health and safety. All are important and if you’d like my take on any specific issue, please call, email or visit my Facebook page: