Fire claims Malo home

MALO – A Malo man lost his home Wednesday evening when a chimney fire spread to the building’s roof before firefighters arrived.
Ferry/Okanogan Fire Protection District #14 volunteers were dispatched to the home of Peter Tanis at 160 St. Peters Creek Road at 6:11 p.m., according to Curlew Fire Chief John Foster Fanning.
When they arrived, they found the blaze had spread from the chimney throughout the interior of the roof structure with flames coming out the eves on all sides of the residence.
Firefighters made entry into the burning structure in an attempt to extinguish the fire but were forced out when a portion of the burning ceiling collapsed around them.
Soon afterwards an ammunition cache caught fire and the incident commander temporarily pulled all fire staff back as shell casings discharged.
Tanis and his dog made it out of the building safely.
Although the primary residence was lost, a garage, woodshed and utility building were saved.
One fire engine from the nearby Malo fire station participated in the incident, along with three engines from Curlew one from the Toroda station, Foster Fanning said.
Additionally the district sent two ambulance units with EMTs. A total of eleven volunteer fire and EMS staff were dispatched along with a Ferry County sheriff’s deputy and the Ferry County P.U.D.
“Firefighters were on scene until near midnight,” Foster Fanning said. “Temperatures dropped to three degrees and problems developed when engines having discharged all their water had pumps freezing.”
Firefighters patrolled the remains of this incident on Thursday.
Fire officials remind readers that when a chimney fire occurs to immediately shut down all dampers and vents to the stove and call 911.
Additionally, be sure to have working smoke alarms and do routine fire drills, teaching children to get out fast and go to a predetermined safe place.